Build loyalty programs that deliver results, fast

NeoDay’s customer engagement platform enables you to get loyalty programs up and running in 10 weeks, to increase retention and customer satisfaction. 

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design beautiful campaigns

The WYSIWYG campaign designer allows you to effortlessly create visually stunning and on-brand loyalty campaigns without requiring any design knowledge. With this feature, you can seamlessly fit campaigns into your brand profile, ensuring a consistent and professional appearance that resonates with your customers.

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launch custom programs in weeks, not months

Be in full control of the entire campaign lifecycle. NeoDay tailors its SaaS solution to support you. In managing the customer interaction to controlling the valuable data that campaigns generate.

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understand your customers better

NeoDay's A.I.-powered customer insights provide you with a deep understanding of your target audience. By leveraging these insights, you can make data-backed decisions to optimize conversions, enhance customer retention, and improve overall loyalty program performance.

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let the results speak for themselves

2.000.000+ rewards redeemed

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Activating loyalty program. Saving "beer credits" to obtain coupons for free beverages.


88% customer satisfaction

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Increasing satisfaction and upsell. Saving pizza-points to obtain coupons for side-dishes or meals.


+18% visit

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Engaging and activating digital program. Earning stars for discounts and rewards, shareable with friends.


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popular loyalty components


Add a UniQode to every savings campaigns’ stamp or kids campaigns’ collectable to make them unique and trackable. Enrich the campaign journey by adding attractive digital elements such as games or digital-only rewards.


Gifts and discounts are a great incentive for shoppers to participate in loyalty programs. NeoDay’s innovative reward shop can be fully customized and internationalized with multiple partners and PSPs. It can also connect with other NeoDay features, allowing for instance the purchase of a campaign lottery ticket or tier upgrade.


The ultimate device to track your customer’s shopping behavior and offer them the most relevant communication and rewards. In-app generated customer cards can be linked to all common cash register systems.


Add tiering to your loyalty program to personalize communication and reward distribution for your customer segments. A digital customer card makes things easy by fully automating the granting of status level and corresponding rewards.


Use digital coupons to enrich your visitor’s experience on location, with free drinks, discounts or other privileges. Coupons can be fully customized and personalized, and given as a reward for desired behavior.


Use the campaign builder to develop innovative campaigns that align with the leisure & entertainment industry and help you increase visit frequency. You could introduce challenges such as visiting 3 films of the same genre within a certain period, or a casino vault being opened when a lucky visitor’s customer card is scanned… let’s get creative!

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Empowering you to offer your customers a relevant, personalised experience, with minimum effort and no third parties necessary.
With 15 years of expertise around brand loyalty. We know how to turn leads into customers, and customers into loyal brand ambassadors.
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frequently asked questions

I'm concerned about the time it takes to set up a loyalty program. How long does it usually take with NeoDay?

NeoDay offers an unprecedented time-to-market with out-of-the-box features and easy integration, allowing you to go live within 10 weeks. Say goodbye to lengthy setup processes and start driving results sooner.

Our previous loyalty initiatives lacked personalized experiences. Can NeoDay help us tailor our offerings to our customers' preferences?

Absolutely! NeoDay's design tool allows you to effortlessly create visually stunning and on-brand loyalty campaigns without requiring any design knowledge. With this feature, you can seamlessly fit campaigns into your brand profile, ensuring a consistent and professional appearance that resonates with your customers.

We're not experts in running loyalty campaigns. Will NeoDay provide any support or guidance?

Yes, NeoDay is more than just a software vendor. With 15+ years of experience in running award-winning loyalty campaigns for renowned brands, our team of marketeers is here to provide expert support and share valuable insights to maximize your loyalty program's success.

How does NeoDay ensure data security and privacy for our customers' information?

NeoDay is developed with security and privacy by design, adhering to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standards. Your data is handled with the utmost care and in compliance with all international legislation.

Can NeoDay's AI-driven loyalty program truly help us predict customer behavior and prevent churn?

Absolutely! NeoDay's AI-powered loyalty leverages self-learning analytics to identify customer segments you may not be able to identify manually. Predictive insights help prevent churn and enable targeted actions to increase customer lifetime value.

We're hesitant about investing in a loyalty program. Can NeoDay guarantee positive results?

While we cannot guarantee specific outcomes, NeoDay's track record of success and expertise in loyalty campaigns ensures that you're partnering with a proven solution. Our powerful platform and expert support will help you maximize your loyalty program's potential.

How does NeoDay address data security concerns in loyalty programs?

NeoDay is developed with security and privacy by design, complying with ISO standards and international legislation. Rest assured that your customer information is handled with the utmost care and in a secure environment.

We have existing loyalty strategies. Will switching to NeoDay be complex or disruptive?

NeoDay is designed to be versatile and can complement your existing loyalty strategies seamlessly. It integrates with your current systems, enhancing their capabilities rather than replacing them. However, if you prefer, NeoDay can also function independently, offering a powerful standalone loyalty solution to cater to your unique needs.

We've been using our current loyalty system for a while. Why should we consider switching to NeoDay?

NeoDay offers you the freedom to choose. Instead of an all-or-nothing approach, NeoDay complements your existing system while providing the option to operate independently. You can seamlessly integrate NeoDay with your current loyalty strategies or transition to NeoDay's powerful standalone platform. The decision is yours, and we are here to support your loyalty goals.

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